UXO detection

Scope of services 

KampfmittelerkundungPatzold, Köbke Engineers GmbH & Co. KG provides different survey solutions for land and water detection of ammunition which is technically called unexploded ordnance (UXO). Gradiometry is a common method and according to our experience an effective tool to detect ferromagnetic targets on land and water sites. Depending on task, we also apply electro-magnetometry (metal detection), e.g. for aluminum containing targets, and simple single sensors magnetometry. Compared to gradiometry, these methods are both more susceptible to background noise, which may complicate target detection. Detected targets are displayed in form of anomaly charts and listed with coordinates. On basis of special inversion methods, anomaly characteristics such as burial depth and size can be derived subsequently. The verification, identification and removal of marine UXO are often supported by remotely operated vehicles (ROV) or special divers. On land sites, this will be done by expertise UXO-personal corresponding to German regulations (§20 SprengG). Also on land sites, with existing buildings and where higher detection depth is required may be more complicated than with an area surface survey. Therefore, magnetic borehole inspections are rather applied in a certain grid. In this case the anomaly trend will be plotted over depth and interpreted in correlation with data of other surrounding boreholes.