UXO-detection and monitoring

KampfmittelsondierungScope of services: 

To investigate areas that are burdened with unexploded ordnance, Patzold, Köbke Engineers GmbH & Co. KG provide different survey methods such as conventional hand probes but also computer-based area detection systems or borehole inspections (link zu 2.6). Due to different reasons an UXO-related survey may not always be realizable on construction sites. In this case a specially trained UXO expert corresponding to German blasting regulations (§20 SprengG) will attend and monitor the site during the measure. In this framework our services includes:

  • historical and geological investigations
  • technical consultancy of detection methods
  • definition and measurement of detection and removal areas
  • uXO-related investigation surveys, incl. area detection and borehole inspections
  • site-monitoring by UXO-experts
  • identification and recovery of UXO-targets
  • clearance documentation