Tendering and awarding procedures

Ausschreibungs- und VergabeverfahrenScope of services: 

In addition to consulting activities, we also accompany our clients during the realization of measures that are necessary to obtain construction areas cleared of UXOs. Our staff have relevant experience with the preparation of VOB-conform contract documents, incl. all essential and supplemental documents. If desired by the client, we may assume control for the publication and transmission of tender documents and with our know-how we guide you through the entire awarding process. Our services incorporate:

  • preparation of VOB-conform contract documents (bill of quantities, construction description, forms)
  • preparation of plan documents for the tender
  • publication and transmission of tender documents
  • handling of tenderer questions
  • implementation of opening dates and reading of incoming offers
  • professional and economic evaluation of incoming offers
  • discussions with tenderers / technical explanations
  • recommendations for awarding