Research and development (R&D-projects)

Scope of services

Forschung und EntwicklungDue to a long term practical experience of engineering, there is a requirement for improving established processes and to implement new and innovative ideas in the framework of applied research and development. It is our aim to develop new or improved products, applications or services in the field of engineering. Compared to implementations in field of services, the development of technology orientated innovations from the idea up to the marketable commodity is complex, difficult and expensive. Moreover, such technology orientated developments remain a relevant risk factor for smaller and medium-sized companies. Therefore, Patzold, Köbke Engineers GmbH & Co. KG has pooled its forces in joint R&D projects with industrial partners and university research groups. Some of our R&D activities were and are supported by research fundings (e.g. AiF – Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen)

  • "Entwicklung akustischer Geo-Sensorik zur echtzeitnahen Erkundung von Lockergesteinen im Gewinnungsprozess der Nassgewinnungstechnologie", as project manager on behalf of AiF "Otto von Guericke" e.V., with TU Clausthal und Meyer & John GmbH & Co. KG as cooperation partner
  • "Entwicklung eines Verlegepontons, zur Herstellung und Positionierung von endlosen, sandgefüllten Geotextilschläuchen, für den Einsatz in der Nassbaggerei und im Wasserbau", as project manager on behalf of AiF "Otto von Guericke", with ING.-BÜRO DRAIER, & LÖSEKE & MARX MASCH as joint partners
  • "Darstellung von Synergien im Kolk- und Fisch-Monitoring in Offshore Windparks" as industrial partner