Performance of planning and permitting procedures to field activity.

1. Genehmigungsplanung für den Abbau von Fest- und LockergesteinslagerstättenScope of services 

A great variety of measures were taken from exploration of suitable outcrop to the initial extraction of gravel and sand. Apart from practical exploration of deposits, these tasks also require a certain administrative expertise to minimize the project’s risks. This is the only way to realize a mining project in an economical way. As technical service provider and advisor Patzold, Köbke Engineers GmbH & Co.KG accompany clients in all phases of the approval procedure and carry out the required planning documents for the individual process steps. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Approval planning of gravel/sand extraction onshore and offshore
  • Execution of necessary geotechnical, geophysical and/or hydrogeological investigations for the approval process
  • Mining planning, design and dimensioning of extraction and processing technology
  • Selection of transportation route & estimation of noise inmission values
  • Procurement of the relevant documents according to legal foundation such as BImSchG, WHG, BNatG and BBergG
  • Conception and realization of general and special operations plants
  • Elaboration and execution of environmental impact assessment (EIA)