The engineering company Patzold, Köbke Engineers & Partner GmbH was founded in 2012. It leads next the third generation of the business of the year 1945 by Dipl.-Ing. Franz Patzold founded engineering company located in Hildesheim and the Dr.-Ing. Volker Patzold again founded in 1984 engineering company located in Hamburg.

- 1945 Foundation Engineering Office Franz Patzold, Hildesheim

- 1984 Foundation Engineering Company Dr.-Ing. Volker Patzold, Hamburg

- 1992 relocation of the headquarters Ingenieurbüro's Dr.-Ing. V. nearby Patzold after Kleiberweg 20, 21244 Buchholz

- 2009 conversion of the engineering office Dr.-Ing. V. Patzold in a professional partnership with the company name Patzold, Köbke & Partner Engineers PPA, Buchholz id N.

- 2011 Construction and move into the new office building with floor in Ritscherstrasse 5, 21244 Buchholz id N.

- 2012 conversion of the partner company into a limited liability company with the company name Patzold, Köbke & Partner GmbH Engineers