Dredge control

Scope of services 

AbbaukontrolleSales, setup and technical support of the dredge control system MARPO_DGPS_K by the consortium Patzold, Köbke Engineers GmbH & Co.KG and System-Partner- Elektronik GmbH (SPE) as wells as costumer service via MARPO_DGPS_K specific office software in the framework:

  • Mining planning / preparation of working scheme
  • Documentation and achieving of rate of advance
  • Registration of operational data of downstream equipment such as bucket-wheel or belt scales
  • Volume calculations
  • Evaluation of operational data with regard to the dredging management (determination of extraction quality, productive working hours, etc.
  • Documentation of compliance of legally regulatory requirements (especially geometry of submarine slopes or given working boundaries
  • Failure and structural damage analysis of, e.g. slope ruptures