Bathymetric surveys

Scope of services:


Different hydrographic methods can be applied for Gewässervermessungbathymetric (depth) surveying of sea beds. E.g. simple singlebeam echosounders (sonar) are utilized to map the bottom morphology along profiles, which is normally used to survey dredging ponds to determine the amount of resources or to prevent over dredging. By using dual frequency echosounder both the depth as well as the thickness of resedimented mud can be determined. Using an advanced multibeam echosounder enables an extensive survey with a wide swath that provides a higher data density from the sea bottom. Moreover multibeam echosounders can also be utilized to survey obstacles for shipping or dredging and to monitor and quantify the development of scouring. For such tasks the bottom can be mapped in a detailed grid and small objects ((