Installation & ordnance inspection via remotely operated vehicle ROV

Scope of services

applied exploration methods

In the course of exploring the purity of the seabed (a requirement from the BSH, which is to ensure for each installation of wind farms) to the objects encountered by the geophysical exploration are to be identified. For this purpose PKE provides a tailor made, economical solution to identify these objects by means of a remotely operated underwater vehicle (short ROV). Further possibilities are the identification of ordnance or the inspection of foundations (wind turbines and transformer stations). Therefore the ROV can be equipped with a variety of measurement devices. As standard the ROV is fitted with color cameras which can be dimmed depending on the turbidity of the water, a Real Time Sonar, powerful lamps and a gripper arm. Optionally, the ROV can be equipped with shear   and cutting tools, magnetics sensors for explosive ordnance detection, instruments for corrosion measurement, high-pressure nozzles for cleaning of installations and suction devices for free flushing of objects.